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The prayer of the Ave Maria.

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The International Specialty of the Day

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  • 14,00

    Monday: America

    Pork, ketchup, mustard, honey, onion, peppers, horseradish ─ French fries and salad with croutons with garlic

  • 20,00

    Friday: Asia

    Shrimps, garlic, peppers, cumin, chili pepper, paprika, fresh coriander, curcuma, shallot, sesame seeds, lime ─ Rice and broccoli

  • 14,00

    Wednesday: Europe

    Guinea fowl, white wine, Cognac, bacon, shallot, mushrooms, pepper, cream – Rice and spinach

  • 19,00

    Saturday: Europe

    Veal, mushrooms, pepper, Cognac, shallot, tarragon, cream ̶ Potatoes paillasson and broccoli

  • 16,00

    Thursday: Africa

    Guinea fowl, lamb, assorted vegetables, spices, cous cous

  • 16,00

    Tuesday: Island

    Veal, bacon, pineapple, peppers, lime, banana, garlic, chili pepper, Rum ─ Rice

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Celebration of the 50 years

1969 – 2019

For 50 years a place of Evangelisation in the heart of Rome !

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What Our Clients Say


Excellent starters and main course. Both duck and prawns were great. Dessert was below average.

Yasir Shahnawaz

Veramente un posto da visitare!
Cibo eccellente, accoglienza straordinario e lo scopo del locale lodevole! God bless you all!

Christine Kisch

Je vous recommande le passage dans ce restaurant gastronomique de très grande qualité.

Ferme de Rayssaguel

Un restaurant tenu par des soeurs missionnaires francophones. Une excellente cuisine française. Un accueil chaleureux. Nous avons rencontré une soeur originaire des Philippines tres amicale.
A recommander absolument…

Majal Santiago-gadaoni Faude

Magnifico lugar, comida y atencion espectacular. Siempre que estén en la ciudad eterna, deberia ser una parada fija.

Miguel Eduardo Rodriguez

This special place is run by nuns, of all kinds of different nationalties, they serve the guests in the traditional dresses of their home countries. The food is excelent and the service is very sweet. Between the courses they even perform and sing the Ave Maria. It’s a great experience and very in place when visiting Rome.

Robert Mulder

This wonderful restaurant is run by nuns from a French order. The service and food were extremely good. After serving the meal the kitchen staff come into the restaurant and sang in praise of God.

Jason Clifford