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45th Anniversary

Discounts à la carte and on a menù

  • If you’re passing trough Rome, and you’re alone or with you’re parents or friends, you can avail of 5% “Anniversary discounts”
  • For your working lunch and dinner (Office, Agency, Company etc.) or
    for celebrate your events (Christening, Birthday, Anniversary etc.) you can take advantage of 10% discount called “Agreement”

Choose between “Anniversary” and “Agreement” discounts.

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Special offer for groups

For your groups ask for our menù proposal starting from 15,00 € with 1 travel guide included + 1 guide free every 35 person in addiction.

On Sunday we accept groups of 35 person and more with the menù starting from 18,00 €.

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Eau Vive

The Eau Vive is a ring of restaurant chain managed by the Lavoratrici Missionarie dell’Immacolata of observants public association affiliate with Ordine Carmelitano called Famiglia Missionaria Donum Dei
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