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The Eau Vive is a ring of restaurant chain managed by the Lavoratrici Missionarie dell’Immacolata of observants public association affiliate with Ordine Carmelitano called Famiglia Missionaria Donum Dei

The first restaurant Eau Vive was opened in the ‘60s when P. Marcel Roussel Galle, founder of the Famiglia Missionaria Donum Dei, decided to create a work activity for the Lavoratrici Missionarie Dell’Immacolata who came from all over the world.
This activity was to enable them to earn their daily bread and living a life of contemplation and strong brotherhood.
He was convinced that testimony of an international group of girls fully consecrated to the Lord is more resounding than a single person absorbed in the world of work.
In February 1960 the Lavoratrici Missionarie dell’Immacolata restored a little house situated hundred yards from the place of the apparitions of La Madonna dei Poveri and during the feast of Pentecost of the same year, the restaurant was called Eau Vive in memory of the meeting between the Lord and the Samaritans at Jacob’s well.
Therefore the Eau Vive is first of all a place of mission and an instrument of evangelization!

It’s a modern Abbey from which every night raises the Ave Maria song.

It’s a manifestation of love of Christ communicated to mankind!